COMM 563 reading review template

1. Provide a quick over view or summary of the readings (3 – 5 sentences) (8pts)

my answer.

2. Clearly Identify what you feel are 3 key ideas in the readings (8pts)

my answer.

3. Support your summary and/or key points with three specific references to the readings (7pts)

my answer.

4. Identify the most difficult or challenging concept for you from this week’s readings. Saying “I don’t know” or “nothing was difficult” is not an adequate response. (8pts)

my answer.

5. Provide 2 or 3 discussion questions for us to talk about in class (6pts)

my answer.

6. Discuss how this week’s readings might relate to your upcoming presentation, paper or to the “real world.” Here too, saying “I don’t know” or “it does not apply” is not an adequate response. (8pts)

my answer.

2 Responses to COMM 563 reading review template

  1. Kevin Barquest says:

    The Slight Edge is about making good decisions every day. When you compound good decisions every day it turns into massive success. Use the penny a day doubled example to fully illustrate this example simply. I reccommend this book to anyone who owns a business or is in sales. Read this a couple times to get the full understanding of the Slight Edge book and how you can apply every concept in your life daily.
    Kevin Barquest and AnnaMarie Barquest

  2. AnnaMarie Barquest says:

    Leadership is essential in living a successful, balanced and happy life. There are four quadrants in life that you must satisfy to have a balanced life. Those quadrants are family, Finances, health, and spiritual. When these four quadrants are clicking together, life is amazing. People constantly believe family is important and I fully agree, but there is more than family to balance your life. FINANCES$$$$$$$ are also important, if you have money and aren’t chasing it all day at a JOB life is simplified. Everyone needs to develop a relationship with GOD, this doesn’t mean you have to go to church, but GOD is why we are here, without a relationship with GOD your life cannot be blessed. Lastly, health is one of the most overlooked quadrants because it is so easy to run to mcDonalds instead of eat some fruit or sit and watch TV instead of go to the gym and workout. If you eat better and workout you will live longer and feel better. Like I said above. When all quadrants are clicking, LIFE IS AMAZING and you can truly be considered to have wealth. AnnaMarie Barquest

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