Does Social Media Make Us Better People?

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Here’s something very close to my argument, but more about interpersonal communication effects. Perhaps I should broaden (or tighten) my thesis.

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Rather, I’m talking about the cameraphone user who automatically uploads her photos to Flickr or Twitpic, who with the tap of a screen can post a video to YouTube or stream a scene live on Qik. I’m talking about the immediacy and accessibility of Twitter messages that make private conversations public; tools that open up the very real possibility that every action you take, whether in a public space or in seemingly private emails and text messages, is being logged and possibly shared with thousands of people.How does this change the way we act? Might it actually make us…nicer to one another?

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One Response to Does Social Media Make Us Better People?

  1. Kevin barquest says:

    Not only does social networking NOT make us better, it can be detrimental to is and our business. The thing about social media is that anyone can write anything at any time. The same is true about who you are connected to, there could be someone a few people away from you that posts a comment that you don’t even know that can make you look bad. I think that social media serves a purpose, family and close friends. Has anyone noticed that employers use social networking to “track” their employees. They can trace when their employees are posting, what they are posting, and who are they in contact with. People get fired over these types of things all the time, this is not a once in a while thing, this happens daily across America. If you are going to use social networking you must be careful and smart about the who’s, how’s, and the what’s you post. Even if your account is set to private, people can still see posts related to you

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