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I’m always interested in the stats of various social networks and services because their popularity says something about their success by default. Here’s a recent post with a ranked site listing that has some enlightening details.

But the blogosphere is not self-contained. What about bloggers’ other sources? This is something we’re asked pretty frequently. We know the independence and immediacy of the blogosphere has had a huge impact on mainstream online media. Much is made of the tension between the two – but what we’re seeing is convergence, and a symbiotic relationship. In the most recent State of the Blogosphere study, we asked bloggers about the other media that influence them. Not surprisingly blogs are in the lead at 61%, but this is followed by non-blog web content at 46%. So what is the influence of mainstream media sites in the blogosphere?

via Technorati Weblog: Since You Asked: The Technorati Attention Index.

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