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This is the kind of game changing development that will begin to harness the million tweeting minds. The search engine is great, but the ability to ask questions in real time with real time responses from the tweethive, that would be epic. Also, the greasemonkey script to add twitter results to Google results, that should just be made a default, though not likely to happen.

In the future, searches won’t only query what’s being said at the moment, but will go out to the Twitter audience in the form of a question, like a faster and less-filtered Yahoo Answers or Wiki Answers. Users would be able to tap the collective knowledge of the 6 million or so members of the Twitterverse.

“You put a question out to the global mind, and it comes back,” Mr. Chaffee explained. “Millions of people are contributing to the knowledge base. The engine is alive. You get feedback in real time from people, not just documents.”

via Twitter: We Can Do What Google Can’t – Advertising Age – Digital.

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