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I was watching this unfold on Twitter over the day when it happened, and I thought it was brilliant. Since a friend shared this story with me, I thought it would be a good opportunity to talk about how this helps support my thesis, “Twitter is making us brilliant.” If other major companies were to use methods like this, we’d be able to see, with a glance and a scroll, how people felt about the product, what it was about, the current feeling people have about it, whether it matters, and so on. What’s more, we tweeps can participate in that discussion, and add to that knowledge. Skittles is more than a candy, it’s a brand, it’s a common idea that we’re all aware of, and likely all have experienced. Have you experienced Skittles? I have, and they’re okay. I prefer Peanut M&Ms. Could you imagine what might ensue if you were to have the same thing (relevant tweets) on the McDonald’s front page: people arguing over fat and calories, which sandwich was best (or worst), what combinations of menu items made for the best (or worst) meal, etc. And not just food companies, how about car companies, homebuilders, wireless phone services, and insert your own company here too (like Rider).

This is what that might look like: If you put up a site that showed tweets about you, what might you find there? What would it look like for me? Like this:

Over at Venture Beat, MG Siegler has a good post summarizing the tempest that has ensued, calling the move “either a sign of Twitter’s ongoing transition to the mainstream or of a candy company’s epic laziness.” No matter, it has certainly created a lot of buzz for Skittles, a unit of mega candy company Mars.

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