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We’ve been talking about Digital Convergence all semester, and the struggle between the producer and the consumer to grab the mic, so to speak, and this is a great study that supports the idea that consumers, passive audience members, and casual watchers of media are picking up the new tools (blogs, social networks, and video upload sites, etc.) and taking on the role of producer. Let’s get it on!

A recent study by Netpop Research serves to only further assert the fact that social media is rapidly changing the way brands operate, due to the increase of consumer control.

The report is purely US-based, but it certainly seems fair to suggest that this trend can be applied globally, as there is an ever-growing permeation of social media into daily consumer life. The study concludes that there is a shift in consumer internet usage from entertainment towards communication, and it’s being driven by social media and networking sites.

It’s fair to say that the basis of this research is built upon solid data from over 4,000 respondents, across a wide range of demographics and, although what we’re currently seeing is only just the tip of the iceberg, it provides enough insight to prevent companies crashing Titanic-like on the rocks.

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