Mozilla demos impressive Firefox 3.1 features at SCALE – Ars Technica

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In our models of Digital Media Convergence, the technological layer is an essential one. When basic everyday technology tools like Firefox allow for greater and easier publishing and sharing of rich media, they power the bottom-up media, the participative culture, and the empowerment of rich media publishing. I’ll say it again: I am NBC.

The HTML 5 video element will also arrive in Firefox 3.1. This will allow video content to be embedded directly in Web pages, controlled with JavaScript, and manipulated through the DOM. It’s a major step forward for rich media content on the Web. Firefox 3.1 will ship with built-in support for the Ogg Vorbis and Theora formats—open audio and video codecs that are believed to be unencumbered by patents. The actual codec implementations are integrated directly into the browser itself, so content in those formats will be playable without requiring any external components or plugins.

via Mozilla demos impressive Firefox 3.1 features at SCALE – Ars Technica.

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