Who is Lilly Ledbetter, and what’s this law all about?

(Just) Before we departed from Wednesday night’s Diversity class, Dr. Ebo asked us to do some research to answer the questions below on Lilly Ledbetter,

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and to define the key ideas in the case. He suggested that this would begin to help us find good resources with which to research current events, and so I have.

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Who is Lilly Ledbetter? Lilly Ledbetter was a GoodYear worker who sued the company for sexual discrimination when she discovered that she was not being paid equally compared to her male counterparts in the same positions. She won the case initially, and then it was overturned because she brought the case after she was no longer with the company and outside of the statute of limitations of 180 days.

What is the case about? It’s about equal pay for equal work and concerns this society’s differential vision of gender and worth.

What does the law signed by President Obama provide? It provides a heap of changes to existing laws, most notably the civil rights act, but very specifically, it says that while discriminatory paychecks continue at the company as a practice, the statute of limitations is extended for people like Ledbetter.






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