NY Times Editor Hints At Return Of Online Access Fees

Again, in the context of our discussions in class about convergence, here is a clear example where the financial, industrial, communication, media, and technology aspects of running a newspaper today ask the editors and leaders of papers like the New York Times to consider how the ease of access, the lack of payment for said access, and the ability for news to be gotten in a thousand places for free all point to a need for creativity in solving the reimbursement problem. Technology, traditional business models, and new practices are converging to cause a change in the industry.


In an online question-and-answer exchange with readers this week, Keller said that although advertising generates the bulk of online revenue, “a lively, deadly serious discussion continues within The Times about ways to get consumers to pay for what we make.”

Possibility include charging for full-access subscriptions, developing a micro-payment model in which readers pay a few pennies each time they click on a page and selling news to be distributed on reading devices, as the Times already does with Amazon.com Inc.’s Kindle.

via NY Times Editor Hints At Return Of Online Access Fees.


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