What is Twitter’s Vision?

Thought this was an interesting piece considering our recent discussions on convergence, always-on-edness, and the prevalence of the digiSelf, as well as Twitter’s role in giving it voice.

But sites like Twitter need a business plan to survive in the long term, and at the moment they don’t have one, despite the numerous aforementioned discussions. Call me idealistic, but while I see a good deal of discussion about monetization by the outsiders, what I really want to see is discussion about vision by the insiders.

Right now, Twitter is like the Wild West, where “frontier theory” applies (thanks to Kim Taipale for pointing this metaphor out). There are three steps to this process:

1. A decentralized system is initially chaotic.

2. The chaos becomes organized, and somewhat centralized.

3. New pioneers move into the system to again destabilize it.

Technologies like Twitter are moving from “stage one” to “stage two” of the decentralized communications frontier. What’s the vision for how the chaos becomes organized?

via What is Twitter’s Vision?.


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