Seth’s Blog: Email campaign case studies (one good, one bad)

Seth Godin is a blogger who has a lot to say about marketing, human tendencies, cultural awareness, and in my opinion, leadership where communication is concerned. This great post on two case studies regarding email marketing speak to the idea of convergence of traditional marketing and email marketing, as well as the ways in which the consumer has the power to participate with their reaction of trust and brand alignment, or distrust and spam filtering. Nice one, Seth, as usual.

The problem with believing that just because you have access to an address you have the right to mail is that there is no friction with email. It’s free. You can email a million people in a heartbeat, costing the recipients time (and thus money) and you not much of either. The recipient knows this, and feels exploited or cheated. It’s not fair, and so the lack of friction backfires. The very ease of interruption makes the interruption more annoying.

I get a lot of spam from non-reputable companies, but it was surprising to get this html ad via email from a company that used to have a good reputation.

My email box is where I live all day. They showed up, uninvited, and worked to sell me something even though they had no connection with me as a consumer or a blogger. That’s not brand building, it’s the opposite. Even worse, it’s undependable.

via Seth’s Blog: Email campaign case studies (one good, one bad).


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