Self-Publishers Flourish as Writers Pay the Tab –

After failing to secure a traditional publishing deal in 2000, Mr. Bendat, a public defender in Los Angeles, paid $99 to publish the first edition of his book with iUniverse, a print-on-demand company. He updated the book in 2004 and 2008, and has sold more than 2,500 copies. IUniverse takes a large cut of each sale of the book, currently on for $11.66.

via Self-Publishers Flourish as Writers Pay the Tab –

I found this article interesting in light of our in-class discussion on 1/27/2009 in that this exemplifies that there is no longer an editor necessary in the process of publishing, especially on the web, but also in print itself.

Even though Gutenberg’s press made the alphabet available for the common person to read in the comfort of her home, as time went on, the owners of the presses became more and more scrutinous and filtering about what was printed. For example, the New York Times is not interested in me producing a column for them, currently.

However, what we are seeing today is the lessening of the importance of big media, and the emergence of micromedia, by whch each of us can print, publish, be heard, and be selected for viewing. Even more exciting for me is the idea that the traditional thresholds of cost of publishing, editor satisfaction, access to publishing platforms, and the relevance of big media outlets are all going away, being replaced by micromedia outlets.

Enjoy the revolution.


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