Case Study and Presentation

Final Case Study:

lemasney-case-study-natural-birth-revised (updated to reflect appropriate suggestions, thanks, Kathy!)

Final Case Study Presentation:


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  1. Kathy says:

    Ok, I’m a birth junkie at heart, so I’m reading this birth story; and I’ve had experience with proof-reading, so I’m going to make some corrections. I hope you don’t mind!

    In the presentation, you misspelled “Albuquerque” (you had an “a” instead of a “u”)

    In the case study paper, on the first page, “benefitted” should be “benefited” (this is twice).
    Also, for some reason, what should be the header on the top of several pages is actually the bottom line of the previous page, as I view it — it could be my word processor, but that *might* need to be changed.
    Throughout the paper I see that you say “the midwifery” does this or that — I think it should be just “the midwife.” “Midwifery” is more a style of care, or perhaps “the midwifery clinic.” If you are referring to a single person, I think it ought to be “the midwife.” But if you’re saying that “midwifery promotes normal birth” or “midwifery champions VBACs” then that’s perfectly fine.
    Page 5 you say “10 am” — It should be “10 a.m.”
    (Just as an aside — the biggest risk of infection is due to vaginal exams. Unless the membranes ruptures *because of* an already-existing infection, the chance of a baby becoming infected without the mom being given a vaginal exam is very, very low. This is because amniotic fluid is always following the course of gravity, and washing any bacteria out of the vagina, whereas anything inserted into the vagina [even a sterile, gloved hand] gives the bacteria a “free ride up.”)
    Page 6 — the drug to augment and/or induce labor is spelled “Pitocin”. (also on page 7, 15, and 16)
    Page 13 — you nailed it on the head!! Doctors do like to have things all scheduled and neatly sewn up, with the parents just meekly agreeing to everything they say!
    Page 14 — shouldn’t there be a hyphen in “multi disputant”?
    Page 14 — you say “…Interdependent Sequence of Interactions. The SIS model…” Is this correct? or should it be ISI ?

    Good luck on your paper! 🙂

  2. lemasney says:

    Wow, Kathy. I really appreciate your feedback and commentary. You might suspect that this is more of a true story than a simple case. 😉 I wish that I had submitted my paper earlier in the day – I would have benefited greatly from your editor’s notes. I will still correct the Docs, and I very sincerely appreciate the thoroughness you applied. I’m certain I got an A – the presentation went very well. 😉

    John LeMasney.

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